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In Collaboration with We Speak Spanish Language School. Led by Professor Wagner R. Freer Chan, our classes promise an interactive and enjoyable learning experience.

Based in Costa Rica, We Speak Spanish provides language classes to residents, expats, diplomats, retirees, and more. Our experienced team loves positively impacting our students’ lives. Visit We Speak Spanish:

Revisit Past Spanish Classes!

 Missed a class? No problem! Explore our collection of recorded Spanish sessions. Perfect for all learners, whether you’re just starting or polishing your skills. Rewind, replay, and boost your language journey on your schedule!

Class Schedule in Different Time Zones:

🇨🇷 Costa Rica (GMT-6): 3:30 pm
🇵🇦 Panama (GMT-5): 4:30 pm
🇲🇽 Mexico (GMT-6): 3:30 pm
🇪🇸 Spain (GMT+2): 11:30 pm
🇵🇹 Portugal (GMT+1): 10:30 pm
🇳🇮 Nicaragua (GMT-6): 3:30 pm

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