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“Alarming” Condition of Route 27 Bridges is Conavi’s Responsibility

Aug 30, 2023 | Costa Rica, News & Articles | 0 comments

Bridges on Route 27 (San José-Caldera) that are in deteriorating and alarming conditions fall under the jurisdiction of the National Road Council (Conavi). These structures, including bridges over the Ciruelas, Grande, and Concepción rivers, were provided by the State for the concession overseen by the Spanish firm, Autopistas del S.A. (Globalvía). A report from the University of Costa Rica’s National Laboratory of Materials and Structural Models (Lanamme) revealed that none of the 43 bridges on the route achieved a “satisfactory” rating.

Several of these bridges, specifically those spanning the Virilla, Grande, Ciruelas, and Concepción rivers, have been classified as “deficient”. This categorization indicates significant structural or functional issues that might not immediately compromise the stability but pose future risks. A notable example is the Virilla bridge, whose drainage system’s flaws have led to water damaging its superstructure.

Dahianna Marín from the National Concessions Council (CNC) clarified that while light maintenance on these bridges falls within the concessionaire’s duties, any major work requires Conavi’s authorization. Conavi, recognizing the urgent need for repairs, is considering a $700 million loan for imminent risk projects, with some of these bridges included in the plans.

CRHOY – https://www.crhoy.com/nacionales/puentes-en-condicion-alarmante-de-la-ruta-27-son-responsabilidad-de-conavi/

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