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Beware, cybercriminals are on the loose: Follow these tips to avoid them.

Nov 3, 2023 | Costa Rica, News & Articles | 0 comments

Cybercriminals are increasingly exploiting people’s vulnerability to steal personal information, empty their bank accounts, extort users, and use the money for various purposes.


These cybercriminals employ methods that easily deceive their victims, such as phishing, ransomware, and others. One of the most notorious methods is sending an email with a link, tricking recipients into believing there’s an issue with their accounts and prompting them to follow steps to recover them, which turns out to be false.


To help individuals avoid falling victim to cybercriminals, Marvin Jiménez, the Second Vice President of the Board of Directors of the College of Professionals in Computer Science and Computing (CPIC), shared some essential tips during an interview with journalist Luis Valverde on the “Healthy Wallet” podcast. Jiménez is also an expert in cybersecurity.


Here are the recommendations provided by Jiménez:

  1. If you receive an email of dubious origin, it’s best not to open or run any attached files.
  2. Avoid clicking on links in emails, especially from untrustworthy sources.
  3. Be aware that banks never request confidential customer information through email.


Cybercriminals often exploit victims’ vulnerabilities through phishing, where they clone a website to deceive individuals and steal their personal information.


To prevent falling prey to cyberattacks, Jiménez advised individuals to use email filtering features, such as anti-spam and anti-malware.


He also stressed the importance of using strong passwords with more than ten characters, including upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters.


Jiménez recommended enabling multi-factor authentication to enhance the security of passwords and logins.


The expert cautioned against accessing email from public computers, which are easy targets for cybercriminals.


He also suggested using public Wi-Fi networks with caution, as someone might intercept users’ passwords.


Jiménez emphasized that security should be a priority for all digital services since sensitive information is now stored in various media. Protecting your email address is crucial to avoid security issues.



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