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Calendar 2024: holidays, long weekends, and vacations in Mexico

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Workers will have two more official holidays than the previous year and five long weekends between February and November.

The federal and local elections on June 2 will directly impact the official holidays of 2024: the usual rest dates will be joined by Tuesday, October 1, the new day of the Transmission of Federal Executive Power, which replaces December 1. Throughout the year, there will be opportunities to plan vacations during the five officially designated long weekends.

Official holidays in Mexico 2024
Official holidays are contemplated in the Federal Labor Law (LFT) as mandatory rest days. According to the legislation, workers who work on these days must receive their regular daily wage plus double pay.

Monday, January 1: New Year’s Day
Monday, February 5: Anniversary of the Constitution of 1917. After New Year’s, this is the first long weekend of the year.
Monday, March 18: Birth of Benito Juárez, commemorating March 21. It is the second long weekend of 2024.
Wednesday, May 1: International Workers’ Day. This is the third long weekend of the year and the last officially designated one in the first semester of 2024.
Sunday, June 2: Federal and local elections. Mandatory rest day due to the electoral process.
Monday, September 16: Independence Day. As it coincides with the beginning of the week, this is the fourth long weekend of the year.
Tuesday, October 1: Day of the Transmission of Federal Executive Power.
Monday, November 18: Mexican Revolution Day, the fifth long weekend of 2024 and the last one before the year-end festivities.
Wednesday, December 25: Christmas. The last mandatory rest holiday of 2024.

Unofficial holidays in Mexico

Unofficial holidays are not specified in the law as mandatory rest days; however, some companies and public institutions like universities may give their employees the day off:

Thursday, March 28, and Friday, March 29: Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Some companies grant these two days as part of the Easter holiday.
May 10: Mother’s Day. Public universities grant this day off to students, and some workplaces may shorten the workday.
November 2: Day of the Dead. Both the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) and public universities, along with some government agencies, give this day off to commemorate the Mexican tradition.
December 12: the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe coincides with the Bank Employee Day, a date that is usually a day off for public universities and other government institutions. Additionally, banks do not offer services on this day.


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