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Citizens Join in Firefighting Efforts; Valle de Bravo Burns

May 7, 2024 | Mexico, News & Articles | 0 comments


As of last night, there were 5 active fires in the forested area, although they have been brought under control by 60%; there are damages to at least 450 hectares.

It is expected that today the work will be completed on two of the fires that have been controlled.
Volunteers and citizens have joined the firefighting brigades in this municipality to combat the fires that have been burning since Sunday. Yesterday, four were controlled, but a fifth was activated, according to Probosque authorities. It is estimated that 450 hectares have been affected in three areas. Together, they managed to contain five forest fires.

In Valle de Bravo, people set aside their activities to grab shovels, hoses, brooms, and whatever was at hand to support.

“For me, the reserve is a very important place, it’s a place where I grew up, and it’s important to me that it’s okay… how sad, it’s very ugly to see all the flora and fauna we have in this reserve burning, but it’s very good to see all the support from the community that is coming together to help stop this,” said volunteer brigadier Abigaíl.

Since yesterday morning, people have been gathering bottled water, electrolytes, and oranges to bring to the volunteers and brigadiers who have been collaborating on the fires since Sunday.

The population went to clean up the mountain to prevent the flames from consuming houses and businesses at the foothills.

José Méndez García, from Probosque’s Forest Fire Department, told a local media outlet that more than 100 hectares were affected in Cualtenco, while in Los Pinales del Marquesado, it is estimated that over 150 hectares were affected, and in La Carreta, also more than 200 hectares, although there was no information about the impact on Monte Alto; however, locals later discovered a new burn in Monte Alto.

60% of the fire in the forested area of Valle de Bravo is under control. In the State of Mexico (Edomex), eight forest fires were being fought yesterday.

The government of the State of Mexico installed the Incident Command System Post to coordinate the management of emergency services and support for the brigades fighting forest fires in the municipality of Valle de Bravo.

Through the Unified Command, the Government of the State of Mexico coordinates 154 brigadiers from the Forest Protection Agency, National Forestry Commission, National Commission of Natural Protected Areas and ejidos, as well as elements of the Army and National Guard.

The helicopter from the Lightning Air Rescue Group was also deployed to make water drops.

According to the state Civil Protection (PC), there is no danger to the population or tourists, and traffic on the roads in the area has been restored.


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