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Don’t want to wait in line to pay your “marchamo”? These institutions offer home delivery

Nov 3, 2023 | Costa Rica, News & Articles | 0 comments

As of November 3, vehicle owners can pay their annual vehicle tax (“marchamo”) at various financial or banking institutions where they are customers. However, paying this circulation fee in person can be tiring for some due to the queues to receive the vehicle sticker and the related documents.


Some institutions offer the option to pay the vehicle tax online and request the delivery of the sticker to your home, either through Correos de Costa Rica or another method.


Here are the options provided by these institutions:

Banco de Costa Rica: If you make the payment of your vehicle tax through the bank’s virtual office or the BCR Móvil app, you can request home delivery. Correos de Costa Rica can handle the delivery.


Mucap: You can pay the vehicle tax through Mucap’s digital platforms, Conexión Mucap or Mucap Móvil. You can choose to pick it up at your preferred business center or have the vehicle tax sent to your home or office at no additional cost.


Davivienda: You can pay the vehicle tax through the Davivienda app, online banking, SINPE móvil in branches, or in cash at branches. The institution also offers delivery of the vehicle tax to your home or office.


Grupo Mutual: You can pay the vehicle tax through Mutual en Línea, Mutual Móvil, and Sinpe Móvil. The institution can arrange for the sticker to be delivered inside and outside the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) to your home or office for an additional cost of 3,000 colones through Correos de Costa Rica.


Coopenae: You can pay the vehicle tax through the Copenae app, Coopenae Virtual, or on their website. Coopenae will deliver the sticker to your location, whether it’s your home or office. If you pay the circulation fee with Coopenae Visa credit cards, the delivery is free. If you use other credit cards, there is an additional cost of 2,147 colones for delivery.


Banco Popular: You can pay the vehicle tax through digital channels (WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Web Chat) or by phone at 2202-2020 or 800 2570422 for Tarjetas. The institution will process the vehicle tax request and send the sticker to the indicated address, both within the GAM and beyond. The delivery service costs 2,500 colones, including VAT. This delivery option also applies to customers who pay through the Banca Móvil BPDC app.


Banco Nacional: Home delivery of the vehicle tax will be provided for free to the first 20,000 customers who make their payment through digital channels (including BN Servicios).



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