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Electric Outages Could Begin as Early as Friday, May 10

May 7, 2024 | Costa Rica, News & Articles | 0 comments

by Juan Fernando Lara Salas

The Costa Rican Institute of Electricity (ICE) could begin electricity rationing as soon as this Friday, May 10, stated Eric Bogantes Cabezas, general regulator of public services, on Tuesday.

This announcement followed a meeting with electricity distributors organized by ICE at its headquarters in Sabana Norte (San José) to inform them about the potential implementation of rationing, as warned by ICE on Monday, May 6. The situation arises due to the “critical” level of water in hydroelectric reservoirs due to a shortage of rain.

The meeting was part of an operational protocol. According to the regulator, this is a preventive phase for possible electricity cut plans.

These scheduled interruptions in supply could begin between Friday, May 10, and the weekend if weather conditions do not favor electricity generation from clean sources. This will happen if there is no increase in wind for wind power generation or if there continues to be a lack of rain in areas where ICE reservoirs are located.

The ICE currently has a five-day autonomy to meet demand. If it starts raining or the wind increases, explained Bogantes Cabezas, this threshold begins to expand, thereby reducing the possibility of rationing.

However, power rationing could occur before May 10 if, for example, there is a surge in electricity demand or if a power plant goes offline due to technical issues during this week.

This would also prompt ICE to order distributors to implement rationing and communicate it to their subscribers.

La Nación inquired on May 7 about the hours and locations where subscribers would be left without service in terms of the regions served by ICE and its subsidiary, the National Power and Light Company (CNFL).

The Institute has not yet commented on the matter.


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