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Environmental Contingency in Mexico City? Here’s the Air Quality on November 24th.

Nov 24, 2023 | Mexico, News & Articles | 0 comments

Poor air quality and high levels of ultraviolet rays can pose health risks, particularly for those engaging in outdoor activities. The impact is more pronounced on vulnerable groups, such as children, the elderly, and individuals with pre-existing respiratory conditions.


The Mexico City Atmospheric Monitoring Directorate released its latest report on air quality and potential health effects in the capital and surrounding areas. The dire air quality in Mexico City can lead to long-term respiratory, cardiovascular, and neurological issues.


Daily, authorities provide updates on the air quality and the intensity of ultraviolet rays in the city and its suburbs. Following the publication of air quality in Mexico City and the metropolitan area of the State of Mexico, recommendations are issued for outdoor activities, especially for sensitive groups.


The 3:00 PM air quality report for the Mexico City Metropolitan Area on November 24th indicates an “Acceptable” air quality according to the Air and Health Index from the city government. This suggests a “Moderate” health risk for citizens engaging in outdoor activities, particularly for sensitive groups. The ultraviolet index reached level 3, indicating a need for protection against the sun’s intensity.


Authorities in Mexico City provided the following recommendation:

Take precautions: if exposed to the sun and your skin is sensitive, use a hat and UV-filter sunglasses, apply sunscreen with SPF 30+.


The Mexico City Atmospheric Monitoring Directorate operates 16 stations tracking air quality in the city. The latest report indicates “Acceptable” air quality in various districts, with the UV index requiring protection. Some stations in the State of Mexico reported similar conditions.


The air quality is categorized into five levels, identified by colors, ranging from “Good” (green) with minimal health risks to “Extremely Bad” (purple), where severe respiratory symptoms and serious health effects are probable. It is crucial for both sensitive groups and the general population to exercise caution during outdoor activities, especially as the air quality deteriorates.


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