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Extended Closure on Alajuela-Belén Route

Aug 30, 2023 | Costa Rica, News & Articles | 0 comments

Starting today, August 25th, a section of the national route 122 near the La Fuente creek in San Rafael de Alajuela will be closed for three months. This closure, which will last until December, aims to provide a safe working environment for the construction of a new vehicular passage. The Construction Management of Roads and Bridges of the National Roadway Council (Conavi) explained that prior to this, public service relocations and the installation of larger stormwater pipes took place as part of the project’s preliminary work.

The construction work, which carries a budget of ¢465 million, involves not only the development of the new passage but also the building of sidewalks on the new structure, signage, and the relocation of public utilities within 200 meters of the culvert passage. The project is anticipated to span 180 effective workdays, which means it should be complete by the beginning of 2024.

For those affected by the closure, Conavi suggests alternative routes. Commuters can utilize the path going through McDonald’s Ojo de Agua Oeste-Bar Otto-Residencial Amaranto-Urbanización Monte Sion-Campo Bautista. Additionally, from San Rafael de Alajuela, the route passing through the Colegio Técnico Profesional (CTP) San Rafael de Alajuela-Barrio Corazón de Jesús-Barrio Lourdes is available for traffic in both directions.


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