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In Chiriquí, the Increase in Dengue Cases is a Cause for Concern

Dec 1, 2023 | News & Articles, Panama | 0 comments

In Chiriquí, the increase in dengue cases is a cause for concern. Boquerón and Gualaca are two of the areas with the highest infestation rates. Worried and doubling efforts, officials from the Vector Control department of the Ministry of Health in the Chiriquí region express heightened concerns following the detection of 1,717 cases of classic dengue in the past week. Patricio Camarena, the department head, urges the population to raise awareness and eliminate potential mosquito breeding sites, emphasizing the importance of cleaning containers or areas prone to water accumulation both inside and outside homes.


Camarena mentions that cases of dengue have been reported in all districts of the province, with David having the highest incidence at 840 cases, followed by Barú with 429, Bugaba with 178, Dolega with 78, and Alanje with 72. Other areas facing infestation include Boquerón (42 cases), Gualaca (19), Boquete (13), Tierras Altas (12), Renacimiento (9), San Félix (9), San Lorenzo (8), and Tolé (7). Camarena highlights the need for community participation to curb the dengue surge, stressing that the current numbers far exceed the 2022 year-end total of 223 cases.


Additionally, there are a total of 66 registered cases of malaria in the province, mostly originating from endemic areas such as the Ngäbe-Bugle comarcas, Guna Yala, Darién, and other parts of the country. The entity recommends that individuals experiencing symptoms such as chills, fever, headaches, or muscle pain promptly seek medical attention at their nearest health center to prevent the increase of dengue and other diseases. The technician emphasized that the numbers have far surpassed the quantity recorded at the close of 2022, where only 223 cases were reported. –

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