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Judicial Workers Announce Legal Appeals and March to Mexico City’s Zócalo

Oct 19, 2023 | Mexico, News & Articles | 0 comments

For the fourth consecutive day, Federal Judiciary (PJF) workers are protesting the elimination of 13 trusts and have initiated the national work stoppage they declared yesterday afternoon.


This morning, at the San Lázaro headquarters, the affected employees are protesting the allocation of around 15 billion pesos to the Federation’s Treasury, a proposal supported by Morena in the Chamber of Deputies.


“Morena understands, justice is not for sale” and “We are three Powers, and this one does work” are some of the slogans they chant in unison, in protest of what they consider a political vendetta by the federal executive.


Jesús Gilberto González, the union secretary, denounced that the elimination of one of the trusts prevents the consolidation of the reform in criminal law.


“There is an indirect effect, which is not only related to establishing general working conditions. Let’s fight for the autonomy of the Judiciary, let’s fight to defend our rights,” he said.


In her turn, Patricia Aguayo announced that since it is almost certain that the elimination of the trusts will also be approved by the Senate, they are already preparing appeals against the reform.


“I would like to see an organization for filing appeals for our fellow workers. We won’t represent them, we will assist them, collaborate in filing their appeals, and we can even process their appeals ourselves,” she added.


Additionally, the Legal Actions Commission will establish a link with the College of Secretaries and Judicial Officers of the Federal Judiciary, with the unions, and some litigation firms that have offered support.


They have also called for a march that will depart from the Monument to the Revolution at 11:00 a.m. next Sunday, October 22, and arrive at the Zócalo square.


They detailed that on Tuesday, October 24, a delegation of 67 representatives from the Judiciary throughout the country will be outside the Senate to protest against the elimination of the 13 trusts.


This morning, outside the San Lázaro Judicial building, workers from Tabasco, Periférico Sur, Reclusorio Sur, and Naucalpan, among other locations, are protesting.


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