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June and August, Months of Crafts and Books in Panama City

Jun 10, 2024 | News & Articles, Panama | 0 comments

by Juan Alberto Cajar B.

As we reach the “middle of the year,” Panama’s cultural agenda offers the residents of the capital the opportunity to enjoy events that mix art, intellect, and culture for all tastes.

The first event on the calendar is the National Crafts Fair, organized by the Ministry of Culture (Micultura), which will bring together the best artisans in the country at the Atlapa Convention Center.

“This year, in the 44th edition of the fair, it will pay tribute to artisans and their techniques in traditional attire. It is important to highlight that we are not only talking about polleras but also all the traditional attire of the country’s ethnic groups,” stated Esther Pérez de Herrera, head of the Crafts Department at Micultura, on the Front Page of La Estrella de Panamá.

She explained that in 2023, the law was passed to designate traditional attire as a national heritage of Panama, giving these creations and the artisans who make them greater value as cultural assets of the nation.

She also mentioned that the general public, who can visit the fair from June 19 to 23, will have the option to participate in workshops and academic discussions, as well as enjoy culinary samples from various culinary expressions of the country.

“We will have a pavilion for artisanal experiences, where master artisans will provide instruction. Students can participate in the experience of making an artisanal creation,” she added.

Another activity in the city is the International Book Fair in Panama, from August 13 to 18. This event, driven by the Panamanian Book Chamber (Capali), will also take place at Atlapa and will feature Spain as the guest country.

“The theme of the fair is ‘The Language That Embraces Us.’ As you know, Spain is the birthplace of the Spanish language, and we have high expectations. We expect more than 110,000 people to attend,” said Orit Haratz de Betesh, president of Capali, to Front Page.

Haratz de Betesh revealed that within the extensive program of conferences and workshops, they plan to dedicate a larger space to children by expanding the children’s pavilion.

“This year, we have a significant expansion in the children’s and youth section. The entire Las Totumas hall in Atlapa will be dedicated to this. We are developing topics that are very important for young people,” she said.

She detailed that the “festival of letters” will open a space to discuss artificial intelligence and its impact on readers and book authors.

“We will also address current issues that are important for our country, such as water, the Panama Canal, and international issues like migration,” she noted.


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