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Mexico, the Expat Paradise!

Nov 17, 2023 | Mexico, News & Articles | 0 comments

Attention all adventurers and seekers of new opportunities! If you’re thinking about moving abroad, we have excellent news: Mexico has once again stood out as one of the best places to live and work as an expatriate. According to the 2023 Expat Insider survey conducted by the global expatriate network Internations, 90% of expatriates living in Mexico are happy with their life in the country! This surpasses the satisfaction of expatriates in other parts of the world by an impressive 18%. Join us on this fun journey where we explore the reasons behind Mexico’s growing popularity as an expat destination. Get ready to discover why Mexico is a country that will make you say “Olé!” at every turn!


  1. An increasingly attractive destination for young expatriates and workers: Although Mexico has long been a haven for retired expatriates from the United States, the new survey reveals that the average age of expatriates in the country is 54.6 years. This suggests that the trend of digital nomads has attracted a higher number of young expatriates and workers compared to the past. It seems that Mexico has become a magnet for those seeking a enriching experience both personally and professionally.
  2. Ease of settling down and lasting friendships: The country has consistently been ranked among the top five destinations for expatriates worldwide for the last decade. The reason? Ease of settling down, locals’ friendliness towards foreigners, and the possibility of building one’s own community. Expatriates in Mexico have found it easy to adapt to life here, and it’s not surprising that Mexico has secured the first place in the ease of settling down category for five consecutive years. Three out of four expatriates claim it’s easy to make friends with local residents, compared to the global average of 43%. These results might explain why foreigners in Mexico have a strong personal support network in the country, ranking it second in this survey question. Additionally, Mexico ranks fourth in overall satisfaction with expatriates’ social life.
  3. Unmatched Mexican cuisine and its influence on happiness: Mexico’s delicious food and drink options have greatly contributed to its continued success as an expatriate destination. Respondents mentioned how easy it was to adapt to Mexican culture, enjoying its culinary diversity and the plethora of gastronomic options. This has led Mexico to take the first place in the culinary options category. Furthermore, culture and nightlife also received high ratings, placing Mexico third in these categories. Imagine enjoying delicious Mexican food while dancing to the rhythm of music in a lively local bar! Without a doubt, Mexico knows how to delight its expatriates!
  4. Affordable living and work-life balance: Mexico also stands out as an affordable place to live. It ranks sixth in the cost of living category, with 71% of expatriates satisfied with the overall cost of living, compared to only 44% worldwide. Moreover, an impressive 80% of respondents were satisfied with their financial situation, in contrast to the global 58%. Expatriates in Mexico also expressed satisfaction with the balance between work and personal life. The country ranks first in terms of career opportunities and fifth in terms of fair salary. Here, expatriates can find a perfect balance between professional success and quality of life.
  5. Challenges and areas for improvement: Despite the positive aspects, it’s important to note that the survey also revealed some challenges. While the main reason expatriates choose Mexico is to improve their quality of life, the country ranked 45th in terms of political stability. Additionally, 18% of respondents claimed not to feel safe in Mexico, more than double the global average of 8%. It’s crucial for the country to continue working to address these concerns and ensure a safe and stable environment for expatriates.


In summary, Mexico has once again demonstrated why it’s one of the most coveted destinations for expatriates. With its ease of settling down, locals’ friendliness, delicious cuisine, work-life balance, and a wide range of leisure options, Mexico has captivated the hearts and minds of expatriates worldwide. Although there are challenges and areas for improvement, these do not overshadow Mexico’s overall appeal as a country full of opportunities and enriching experiences. If you’re looking for a fresh start in a vibrant and exciting place, Mexico is definitely the destination for you! –

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