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Ministry of Finance Advises Electric Car Owners to Delay Paying Vehicle Tax

Nov 10, 2023 | Costa Rica, News & Articles | 0 comments

The Ministry of Finance has recommended that owners of electric vehicles wait a few days before paying the 2024 vehicle tax (marchamo). Juan Carlos Brenes, Deputy Director-General of Finance, explained that this suggestion stems from ongoing tests for the mass loading of authorizations for property tax exemptions benefiting electric car owners registered before September 16, 2023.


The application of the corresponding exemption is expected to be reflected in the coming days, according to Brenes. He emphasized the ideal scenario would be to pay after the exemption is applied. However, if payment is made before, individuals entitled to the exemption can request a refund of the overpaid amount from the Ministry of Finance, although this process would require a personal visit.


The Finance Ministry clarified that the property tax exemption for electric vehicles is applied automatically each year after the National Insurance Institute (INS) issues circulation rights (marchamo). This year, the process began immediately after the restoration of the INS’s SICSOA system connection.


As per Article 10 of Law 9518, the exemption for electric vehicle property tax is graduated. For vehicles imported from 2022, a 100% exemption is applied, an 80% exemption for 2023, and a 60% exemption for 2024.


The INS resumed marchamo consultations and payments last Saturday after temporarily suspending the process due to inconsistencies in property tax values detected in the information provided by the Ministry of Finance.



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