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New Bridge Over Zapote River in Brasilito Now Open to the Public

Sep 26, 2023 | Costa Rica, News & Articles | 0 comments

On Friday, September 22, a new bridge over the Zapote River in Brasilito, Santa Cruz de Guanacaste, was opened to the public. The bridge is located on National Route 180. The construction, costing ₡700 million, was carried out by the company Constructora MECO S.A. The contract for the project was awarded on March 30, 2022, during the Alvarado Quesada Administration (2018-2022), and was signed on June 26 of the same year. Work began in January 2023 and was initially expected to be completed within six months.

Pablo Camacho, Construction Manager of Roads and Bridges at the National Roadway Council (Conavi), explained that the new structure is 25 meters long and 10.6 meters wide. It includes two lanes, each 3.65 meters wide, and sidewalks measuring 1.2 meters on each side for pedestrian safety, particularly during the holiday season when the area sees increased foot traffic. Pedestrian walkways have external railings and internal ones to separate pedestrians from vehicles.

The project also included the improvement of the approach roads, which were paved with flexible pavement (asphalt). Sidewalks and tactile tiles were installed on both sides. The bridge itself is built with reinforced concrete abutments, steel beams, and a reinforced concrete driving surface. It features New Jersey-style railings and a separating railing between the traffic lanes and the sidewalks.


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