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Panama Registers 8,250 Dengue Cases This Year

Oct 6, 2023 | News & Articles, Panama | 0 comments

Panama has reported a total of 8,250 confirmed dengue cases this year, according to the Ministry of Health (Minsa). This data, accurate up to Epidemiological Week 39 (running from September 24 to 30), highlights a significant prevalence of the disease nationwide. The figures underline the importance of continuous efforts by both health officials and the public to combat the spread of this disease.


The Ministry of Health noted that the regions most affected by dengue between January and September 2023 include Bocas del Toro, with 2,366 cases; Colón, reporting 1,946 cases; Panamá Metro, with 1,103 cases; Panamá Oeste, having 673 cases; and Panamá Norte, with 592 cases. These areas have seen the highest incidence of dengue, necessitating increased attention and intervention to prevent further spread.


In response to these numbers, health inspectors have maintained their surveillance tours through various communities, aiming to identify and mitigate risk factors contributing to the disease’s spread. Lizbeth Cerezo, the acting head of Epidemiology at Minsa, took the opportunity to remind the public of the crucial role they play in controlling the dengue outbreak.


Cerezo emphasized the importance of eliminating breeding grounds for the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the primary vector for dengue, found both inside and outside homes. Potential breeding grounds include uncovered water containers, flower vases, pet dishes, candy wrappers, and water gutters. She highlighted that these common household items, when left filled with standing water, provide ideal conditions for mosquitoes to lay their eggs, thus facilitating the spread of dengue.


She precisely indicated, “Dengue is a disease where 80% of prevention depends on community participation. As citizens, we must all contribute to prevention efforts.” She added a crucial reminder that tires represent the principal breeding ground for the dengue-transmitting mosquitoes, and efforts should be made to properly dispose of or store tires to prevent the accumulation of standing water.


Cerezo’s statement underlines the collaborative effort required to combat dengue, with the community’s active participation playing a pivotal role in preventing the disease. By being vigilant and proactive in eliminating potential mosquito breeding grounds, residents can significantly contribute to reducing the risk and incidence of dengue in their communities. This collective action, combined with ongoing surveillance and intervention by health officials, is crucial in managing and eventually overcoming the dengue outbreak in Panama. –

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