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Protest Actions Scheduled for Next Week

Sep 29, 2023 | News & Articles, Panama | 0 comments

Various social organizations and the National Union of Construction and Similar Industries Workers (SUNTRACS) in Panama have publicly declared that they will engage in protest actions next week. These planned actions express the groups’ discontent with a controversial mining contract and other pressing social issues affecting the country.


On Monday, October 2, these organizations intend to participate in a march called for by ANADEPO, showing their unity and support for the cause. This public march aims to draw attention to their demands and exhibit the collective dissent of various social groups and unions against policies and agreements they find objectionable.


Tuesday, October 3, marks another day of significant activity, with planned closures at multiple points across the nation. These closures, strategically located, are meant to signal the groups’ dissatisfaction and to disrupt daily activities, thus drawing attention to their cause. The specific locations and duration of these closures have not been specified but are expected to be substantial to have an impactful presence.


Furthermore, on Thursday, October 5, at 10:00 a.m., a formal complaint will be lodged against both First Quantum and the Attorney General of the Nation. First Quantum is a notable mining company, and the complaint likely pertains to the disputed mining contract that these groups oppose. The exact nature of the grievances against the Attorney General of the Nation has not been elaborated upon in the announcement, but it’s assumed to be related to the handling of legal and procedural aspects regarding the mining contract and perhaps other social issues the groups are protesting against.


The primary reason for these planned protests, as stated, is the dissatisfaction stemming from the National Assembly’s decision to merely suspend the initial debate regarding the mining contract. The unions and social organizations involved have explicitly demanded a total rejection of this contract. They believe the contract is detrimental to the social and economic fabric of the country, and the National Assembly’s suspension does not align with their call for an absolute dismissal of the contract in question. The protests seek to pressure the authorities into reconsidering their stance and ultimately rejecting the mining contract and addressing the other social grievances raised by the groups.


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