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Protests Against Mining Lead to Vandalism of Businesses, Offices, and Public Transport

Nov 17, 2023 | News & Articles, Panama | 0 comments

In the midst of protests against mining in their fourth week, dozens of commercial establishments, government offices, and the public transportation system have been vandalized, according to the National Police.


As per a report by the National Police, to date, incidents of vandalism have been recorded in 63 commercial establishments and 19 institutions, including government and non-government offices.


Additionally, 28 surveillance cameras, 5 police facilities, and ATMs have been vandalized.


Public Transportation

Regarding the public transportation system in the capital city, MiBus, the company providing services in the districts of Panama and San Miguelito, reports damage to six buses and three paid zones.


Meanwhile, the administration of the Panama Metro reported that in the initial weeks of protests, damage occurred at six stations, including 5 de Mayo, Lotería, Iglesia del Carmen, Pan de Azúcar, and Los Andes on Line 1, and Cincuentenario station on Line 2.


The main damages include broken windows and graffiti. Following these damages, installations were reinforced by placing wood over the windows.



Authorities also stated that a total of 1,156 people have been apprehended by the police amid efforts to maintain public order in recent weeks.


These individuals were detained for allegedly committing acts of vandalism and damage to public and private property during the protests.


Of the total number of arrests, 1,005 are adults, and 151 are minors.


These apprehended individuals were brought before the Public Ministry and the peace courts in the provinces of Panama, Panama Oeste, Veraguas, Chiriquí, and Colón. –

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