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The Logistic Business Council meets to analyze the challenges of Panama’s dry canal

Mar 21, 2024 | News & Articles, Panama | 0 comments

By Maria De Gracia

The logistics sector has prepared a list of tasks for whoever wins the upcoming elections and assumes the Presidency of the Republic.

Among the tasks left to the new government is the improvement of land transportation routes and completing the digitization of procedures.

“The next government must clearly understand that in order to have connectivity throughout the Americas, we must have our connectivity routes in optimal conditions, as well as all the corridors that exist in the country and the Pan-American Highway that connects with Central America,” said Antonio García Prieto, vice president of the Logistic Business Council.

García stated that they have a 25% lower performance due to poor conditions. He also points out that there are great job opportunities in the sector.

“We are going to need a large number of people in the logistics sector, especially with appropriate careers, and for that, the Logistic Business Council has agreements with universities in the country, guiding which are the sectors of the logistics industry where they will be needed,” García Prieto mentioned.

The Cabinet Council approved regulations for Panama’s dry goods canal, called Omar Torrijos Herrera, through a decree.

In Panama, this dry canal already exists, and it includes highways, roads, ports, airports, railways, border crossings, and areas where logistics and customs services are provided.

“It simplifies the bureaucracy by changing the legal framework, regulatory framework, with these two executive decrees, in which both public and private digital processes and tools can handle cargo much more quickly and therefore move a greater amount of cargo,” said José Alejandro Rojas, minister counsellor for private investment.


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