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This is the legend of the Magdalena River in Mexico City

Mar 18, 2024 | Mexico, News & Articles | 0 comments

By Johana Ramírez

Learn about the mysterious history of the Magdalena River, which runs through the San Miguel Hill and Los Dinamos in Mexico City

In addition to its landscapes, Mexico City is full of mysteries in each of its boroughs. In terms of nature, the capital is home to lakes, waterfalls, and streams that past civilizations used for transporting goods.

Among them, the Magdalena River is the only body of water that has not been completely piped and is currently a meeting point for families. In case you didn’t know, this natural treasure holds a legend, and we’ll tell you about it in Destinos.

What is the history of the Magdalena River?
It spans more than 20 kilometers, crossing the San Miguel Hill and the Los Dinamos National Park. The river gives us beautiful postcards, allows us to connect with nature, and with what was once Tenochtitlan.

It flowed into the waters of La Piedad and Churubusco, while its flow supplied the inhabitants of the area and the towns of San Nicolás, Magdalena, San Ángel, Tizapán, and Coyoacán, as well as the Cañada hacienda, according to information from the National Institute of Anthropology and History.

It was the only river that survived the construction of dams, cisterns, and canals to irrigate crops traded in Mexico City and the metropolitan area. Being hidden among groves, it is said to have been inhabited by beautiful mermaids who came out on full moon nights.

What is the legend of the Magdalena River in Mexico City?
One of its most popular legends has to do with witches. Some claim that the Magdalena River was inhabited by malevolent creatures and even invaded the wooded area of Los Dinamos.

As night fell, the crystalline waters were a “magnet” for practitioners of black magic, santeria, witchcraft, and other occult arts. This is why its inhabitants claim to find ‘works’ or ‘spells’, for example, ties, and even animal bodies.

What happens to the Magdalena River in Mexico City?

This river, which originates in Cerro La Palma and empties into the drainage of Coyoacán, has suffered the ravages of pollution. Today, only 20% of its water is used, while the rest is mixed with sewage and garbage.

Over the years, its levels of drought have increased. In addition to this, the disposal of toxic waste ends up affecting the flora and fauna living in the area.

Periodically, the capital authorities organize campaigns to rehabilitate natural areas and clean it thoroughly.


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