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Traffic Police Announces Intensification of Operations Starting This Weekend

Dec 1, 2023 | Costa Rica, News & Articles | 0 comments

Actions will focus on preventing the rising fatalities among motorcyclists 642 officers will be deployed for operations at multiple locations.


Starting this weekend, the Traffic Police will intensify operations as part of the Christmas and New Year’s work plan. In light of this being the tenth consecutive year in which motorcycles end up being the vehicle with the highest fatality rate on the roads, police officers will concentrate preventive actions on this type of vehicle.


Official data indicates that by the end of October, there were 207 motorcycle-related fatalities, accounting for 49.8% of the total road deaths this year. The Traffic Police urges motorcyclists to enhance visibility by keeping their lights on and wearing reflective gear whenever they are on the road. Wearing helmets properly, both for the rider and the passenger, is a crucial rule to follow not just to avoid fines but for personal safety.


Additionally, they recommend placing reflective strips on delivery boxes for those involved in package deliveries and discouraging excessive speed for quick deliveries. These suggestions also apply to cyclists. Both groups are reminded not to overtake on the right, avoid cycling on sidewalks or against traffic, and to adhere to traffic signals and stops to reduce risks and avoid penalties.


Excessive speed, identified as the primary cause of road fatalities, will be the focus of the 25 speed control radars operated by the Traffic Police. This marks the second consecutive year in which speeding becomes the leading cause of road fatalities, surpassing the second cause, lane invasion, with 87 fatalities in 2022.


As of October, 2023 has already recorded 180 deaths due to speeding. On another note, during this festive season, company parties and recreational gatherings contribute to early alcohol consumption, leading to nighttime outings where a lethal mix of alcohol, exhaustion, and speed can occur.


To address this, 59 breathalyzers will be available for alcohol testing day and night, given that alcoholic consumption can happen at any time during this season. With 23 deaths by October, driving under the influence of alcohol ranks fourth among behaviors causing fatalities.


The use of mobile phones while driving, improper parking, failure to use seat belts for all occupants, as well as imprudent actions by pedestrians and cyclists, will also be closely monitored during a time when people may lose perspective and engage in risky behaviors such as crossing streets with multiple packages, neglecting to hold their children’s hands, rushing, making improper vehicle turns to enter businesses, and carrying oversized loads on bicycles or motorcycles, among other dangerous behaviors.

As usual, controls will be in place in the main cities of the country, particularly in commercial areas to facilitate better traffic flow, as observed during the Black Friday weekend.


Events such as the Festival of Lights, the Cycling Tour, and the illumination of the Children’s Museum are among the activities that will be covered, including the traditional horse parade (Tope) and the festivities in Zapote.


Ensuring compliance with loading and unloading schedules in the capital is among the priorities. From December 25 onwards, operational emphasis will shift to routes leading out of the central region towards coastal and rural areas.


Priority routes include Interamericana Norte and Sur, Costanera Sur, Route 32 from San Jose to Limon, Route 36 between Limon and Sixaola, Route 18 between Limonal and Mansion de Nicoya, Route 21 between Liberia and Nicoya, along with Route 27, San Jose-Caldera.



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