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Yellow Alert Raised in Northern Zone and Sarapiquí Due to Heavy Rains

Sep 29, 2023 | Costa Rica, News & Articles | 0 comments

Due to heavy rains, the National Emergency Commission (CNE) has elevated the alert level to yellow in the Northern Zone and Sarapiquí.


This measure is taken in response to soil saturation caused by recent downpours. “Yesterday afternoon and night, a total of 88 incidents were reported, mainly due to the collapse of sewer systems and the overflowing of rivers like La Tigra, San Rafael, Río Cañas, and Quebrada Arroyo, among others,” said Alejandro Picado, the president of the CNE.


Several districts, including San Ramón, Palmares, San Carlos, Santo Domingo, Santa Bárbara, La Unión, and Turrialba, have experienced flooding in homes and breaches in walls due to the rainfall. Currently, the CNE has set up three shelters, housing 16 people in the districts of Desamparados, Aserrí, and Turrialba.


Additionally, the Municipal Emergency Committees (CME) remain active in assessing the areas due to risks of flooding or landslides. Route 32, which connects San José with Limón, and Route 230 in Turrialba, continue to be closed. Authorities anticipate that Tropical Wave #41 will pass through on Thursday afternoon, potentially intensifying the rains.


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