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Best Places to Live in Panama

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Panama, with its stunning landscapes, warm weather, and cost-effective living, has long been a magnet for expatriates. This Central American gem features diverse climates and terrains, flanked by both Pacific and Caribbean coastlines and interspersed with mountainous terrains, fertile plains, and the vibrant Panama City at its core.

Choosing your ideal residence in Panama will be influenced by your climatic preferences, affinity for specific terrains, and the kind of community vibe you seek.



Situated in the Chiriquí Province’s highlands, Boquete boasts a cooler climate, spectacular vistas, and a bustling expat community. Recognized as a top retirement spot worldwide, this Panamanian jewel, with a population of around 25,000, offers an idyllic backdrop of soaring mountains and lush valleys.

Expats are drawn to its temperate weather, diverse outdoor pursuits from hiking to birdwatching, and affordable living compared to North America and Europe. Although rain showers are frequent between April and November, its inviting ambiance, active expat community, and diverse activities make Boquete a prime choice for retirees or those wishing for a serene change.


Panama City

Panama’s capital and its most populous city present a juxtaposition of ultra-modern skyscrapers, extensive shopping avenues, eclectic dining spots, energetic nightlife, and the legendary Panama Canal.

However, a stroll away lies the historic Casco Viejo. This restored district, resonating with 1800s’ charm, showcases classical Spanish architecture, cobblestone streets, and vintage churches, becoming an expat favorite.

Ideal for urban enthusiasts, Panama City also offers luxury condos in neighborhoods like Balboa, Costa del Este, Punta Paitilla, El Cangrejo, and San Francisco, each providing panoramic ocean or city views.



Just an hour’s drive from Panama City, Coronado is a coastal retreat celebrated for its golden sands, azure waters, and welcoming locals.

Perfect for those who love sunshine and retirees, Coronado furnishes a tranquil beach life complemented by modern amenities like golf courses, eateries, and shopping spots.


Bocas del Toro

An archipelago jewel on the Caribbean side, Bocas del Toro marries a relaxed vibe with vivacious nightlife and pristine beaches. A melting pot of cultures, Bocas is home to a diverse expat community.

From scuba adventures to surfing and island excursions, activities are aplenty. Yet, the Caribbean character sets it apart: a relaxed tempo without larger commercial hubs or private medical facilities. Many expats here value the uncomplicated, serene escape it offers from bustling cities.



Located on the Azuero Peninsula, Pedasi is a fusion of untouched beaches and genuine Panamanian culture.

Its affordability and tranquil seaside atmosphere captivate expatriates globally. The town, while small, vibrates with events catering to its expat populace, ensuring both relaxation and cultural immersion.


Volcán: A Hidden Gem

Tucked in the highlands of Chiriquí province, Volcán rests under the watchful gaze of the Volcán Barú. A lesser-known destination, Volcán retains its distinct allure.

Diverse flora, attributed to its altitude and cooler climate, flourishes here, establishing it as a prime vegetable producer in Panama. Its tight-knit expat community, about 250 strong, often gathers at local haunts during weekends, enriching the town’s social fabric.

Outdoor enthusiasts would be spoilt for choice, given the region’s rich biodiversity, myriad hiking trails, and preserved zones. Choosing Volcán guarantees a rejuvenating experience, thanks to its crisp mountain air, nourishing produce, and serene lifestyle.


Before settling, it’s wise to explore these regions firsthand, ensuring you find the perfect match for your aspirations and lifestyle.

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