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Discovering Panama: A Glimpse into its Culture, Nature, and People

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If you’re an expat looking to immerse yourself in Panama, it’s essential to grasp the nuances of its culture, lifestyle, and environment. This Central American nation’s allure will undoubtedly tempt you to settle in one of its remarkable cities.

But before you make the leap, let’s delve into the heart and soul of Panama, its people, and its culture.


Panama: A Brief Overview

Situated in Central America, Panama is flanked by Costa Rica and Colombia. It boasts coastlines on both the Pacific and Caribbean seas and is divided into ten administrative provinces. The bustling Panama City serves as its capital and is the country’s largest city.

Around 4.4 million inhabitants call Panama home, and the nation is renowned for the Panama Canal, one of the world’s most remarkable man-made marvels.

While Spanish is the official language, English is widely spoken, especially in business environments. Indigenous communities also maintain their native languages.


Culture and People

The Panamanian culture is a vibrant amalgamation of its strategic location bridging North and South America and its role as a confluence for global cultures. This blend is palpable in its traditions, music, festivals, food, and day-to-day life.

Its music infuses indigenous, Spanish, and African sounds, with instruments like tamboritos, cajas, and flutes playing prominent roles. Dances like cumbia and tamborito are central to national festivities.

Festivals are integral to Panama. Notably, the Panama Carnival is a grandiose affair, marked by parades, music, dance, and traditional attire, celebrated just before Lent.

Panamanians exude warmth and hospitality. Their strong sense of community and love for their country is always present. They’re happy, cheerful, and approachable people.



The country’s cuisine marries African, Spanish, and indigenous flavors. Staples encompass rice, plantains, assorted meats, and tropical fruits. Dishes like sanchocho and hojaldres are crowd favorites. Given its coastal geography, seafood dishes, including ceviche and pargo rojo, are prevalent. Beverages like coffee, chicha, and seco, Panama’s national spirit, are widely enjoyed.


Nature and Climate

Endowed with a tropical climate and varied ecosystems, Panama’s weather and nature are influenced by its unique position as a slender land bridge connecting two continents.

Its tropical climate promises high temperatures and humidity throughout the year, punctuated by a rainy season from May to December and a dry spell from January to April.

From the Pacific coast’s expansive beaches to the Caribbean’s pristine waters and islands like the famed San Blas Archipelago, Panama’s landscapes are diverse. The nation also prides itself on a variety of national parks, such as the Soberanía National Park and the UNESCO-recognized Coiba National Marine Park.


Check it out yourself!

Ultimately, the best way to truly understand Panama is to immerse yourself in it. Engage with the locals, traverse its cities, revel in its natural wonders, and absorb its rich culture.


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