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Escape Winter’s Chill: Costa Rica’s 5 Best Expat Havens

Oct 16, 2023 | Costa Rica, Knowledge Base | 0 comments

Costa Rica, with its year-round tropical climate, is an appealing destination for many expats looking to escape the cold winter months of their home countries.


If you’re not a fan of the cold weather, check out these places you can run away to during the harsh winter months:



  1. Osa Peninsula


Often referred to as the heart of Costa Rica, the Osa Peninsula is a vibrant blend of lush rainforests, winding rivers, and untouched beaches. Picture long, lazy days spent under the tropical sun, with the gentle rustling of leaves and the distant calls of exotic birds serving as your background music. Puerto Jiménez, a tranquil town here, offers a perfect gateway. Expats often rave about the rich biodiversity and the warmth of the local Ticos, making it a genuine Costa Rican haven.



  1. Tamarindo


This buzzling town in the Guanacaste province is a charming and very popular town among expats.


Days in Tamarindo are filled with surfing sessions, local fiestas, and sunbathing by the cerulean waters. As dusk sets, the town’s vibrant nightlife comes alive, with music, dance, and culinary delights fusing the best of Costa Rican and international cultures.


Whether you love surfing, wellness, or just relaxing at the beach, Tamarindo is the perfect place.



  1. Arenal Volcano


If you’re looking for an area in the mountains, with mild weather and astonishing views, Arenal is the perfect place.


The town of La Fortuna is a mix of local traditions and modern amenities, offering a unique mountain retreat with luxury and adventure in equal measure.


There are lots of things to do: from zip-lining, to riding ATVs or simply enjoying chill days the hot springs, all while witnessing the magnificent and imposing Arenal Volcano in the background.



  1. Manuel Antonio


Nestled in the Central Pacific, Manuel Antonio offers a coastal living experience that’s a visual and sensory treat. This slice of paradise offers an immersive experience into Costa Rica’s biodiversity. The national park, a hub of wildlife activity, teems with playful monkeys, sloths, and vibrant bird species. Expats living here often speak of the morning symphonies of birds and the mesmerizing sunsets as unforgettable daily treats.



  1. Puerto Viejo


Step into the rhythmic world of Puerto Viejo, where Tico warmth mingles with Afro-Caribbean zest. The town’s sandy streets, reggae beats, and rich cultural tapestry promise an experience that’s distinct from the rest of Costa Rica.


So, come and enjoy the ‘Pura Vida’ life this winter!

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