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Paying Costa Rica’s Marchamo: Your Essential Guide

Nov 6, 2023 | Costa Rica, Knowledge Base | 0 comments

Understanding the Marchamo

In Costa Rica, the “Marchamo” is more than just an annual insurance tax for your vehicle. It serves a crucial purpose by funding the Obligatory Insurance for Motor Vehicles (SOA), aimed at providing protection for individuals injured in car and motor accidents.


Who Needs to Pay?

If you’re an expat who wants to enjoy the freedom of driving a car, motorcycle, or any vehicle in Costa Rica, you’ll need to pay the Marchamo.


When to Settle the Bill

Mark your calendar because the Marchamo payment deadline is December 31st of each year. For example, Marchamo 2024 collections kick off on November 3, 2023, so make sure you’re prepared.


Calculating Your Payment

Curious about how much you owe? Simply visit to check your Marchamo amount.


Consequences of Non-Payment

Don’t risk the consequences of neglecting your Marchamo:


  • Fines for Driving Uninsured: If you’re caught driving without a valid Marchamo, you could face hefty fines. For instance, a vehicle circulating without a valid license plate and stopped by a traffic officer may be fined ¢51 thousand and even face the possibility of being towed.
  • Late Compulsory Insurance Payment: The INS (Instituto Nacional de Seguros) will apply a penalty for each day your vehicle is late in paying the Compulsory Insurance. An additional 36% annual interest will accumulate on the fines.
  • Property Tax Penalties: The Internal Revenue Service will apply a 12% annual interest rate, plus a 10% fine every month for property tax evasion.
  • Parking Meter Fines: Parking meters apply a 2% fine per month for violations.


Applying Your Marchamo 2024 Sticker

To ensure compliance and avoid any issues, follow these simple steps to affix your Marchamo 2024 sticker:


  • Locate the sticker in the lower left corner of the right-hand side of your vehicle, which contains a QR code.
  • Carefully detach the protective section of the sticker.
  • Place the sticker in the designated box, attached to your vehicle’s windshield or the frame of motorcycles.


Stay informed, stay safe, and keep the road ahead hassle-free by taking care of your Marchamo responsibilities in Costa Rica.

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