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Best Places to Live in Mexico

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Mexico, renowned for its varied landscapes and rich culture, consistently ranks among the favorite destinations for expatriates. This country boasts a diverse array of landscapes – from unblemished beaches and lush tropical rainforests to rugged mountains and expansive deserts.

In this guide, we traverse some of the most alluring locations in this Latin American gem.


Puerto Vallarta

Cradled on the Pacific coast, Puerto Vallarta deftly melds the allure of old-world Mexico with modern-day conveniences. Dramatic mountains flanking the azure sea provide a breathtaking vista.

The vibrant Malecón boardwalk, embellished with striking sculptures and animated by multifarious performers, stands as the city’s heart. Yet, the true essence of Puerto Vallarta resonates in its Old Town, where cobblestone lanes teem with boutique shops and gourmet eateries.

Beyond its picturesque facade, the city pulsates with spirited nightlife and a delectable culinary palette. A flourishing arts milieu, epitomized by diverse galleries and cultural festivals, guarantees that Puerto Vallarta satiates both the eyes and the soul.


Los Cabos

Los Cabos offers a spectrum of experiences. While it pulses with energy and vibrancy, its counterpart, San José del Cabo, resonates a calmer melody.

Blessed with the convergence of the desert and the ocean, this region seamlessly intertwines luxury with adventure.

The awe-inspiring El Arco rock formation stands guard over this coastal haven. Leisure enthusiasts are wooed by immaculate beaches and elite golf courses, while adventurers are drawn to deep-sea fishing and seasonal whale-watching.

An assortment of elite resorts complemented by gourmet dining and spirited nightlife ensures Los Cabos continually captivates the sophisticated traveler.



Here, a quaint town cozies up to its majestic lake, rendering Chapala a haven of mild weather and peaceful cadences. The soul of this region, Ajijic, hums with vibrancy, its alleys narrating tales steeped in local lore.

Whether you’re ambling by the lakeside or unwinding in the thermal springs, Chapala’s spirit – a fusion of natural splendor and community warmth – envelops you. The community, a dynamic blend of local traditions and expat culture, crafts every day as a festivity.


San Miguel de Allende

Esteemed as one of Mexico’s most visually enchanting towns, San Miguel mesmerizes with its pastel-shaded Spanish-colonial edifices. A strong artistic heritage permeates the air, with myriad boutique stores beckoning patrons to immerse themselves in a world of artisanal wonders.

Both locals and expatriates find common ground in their shared passion for festivals and art. This marriage of traditions and global influences makes every San Miguel experience indelible. Not surprisingly, like Puerto Vallarta, it’s become a magnet for the global expatriate community.



Evolving from a tranquil coastal village, Tulum now stands as a beacon for aficionados of ancient history, unspoiled beaches, and environmentally aware living.

Dominant Mayan ruins, overlooking the Caribbean’s cerulean embrace, form Tulum’s iconic image. Yet, the town’s spirit is encapsulated in its mystical cenotes and sustainable eco-resorts.

With its yoga retreats, organic cafes, and eco-centric ethos, Tulum transcends being a mere destination – it’s a philosophy of life.


Huatulco: A Hidden Gem

Huatulco, a harmonious blend of bays and beaches, stands as Oaxaca’s unsung treasure. Distanced from the typical tourist hustle, this realm tells tales of its nine enchanting bays.

The Huatulco National Park epitomizes nature’s generosity, and the surrounding waters invite visitors to a myriad of aquatic adventures.

Huatulco’s staunch dedication to sustainable tourism ensures its pristine nature remains untouched. It’s a sanctuary for those questing for calm and a genuine connection with nature.


While individual motivations for relocating are multifaceted, the synergy of tangible perks and the intrinsic charm of Mexico’s way of life makes it an irresistible draw for a diverse expatriate community.

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