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Five Useful Tips for Learning Spanish

Nov 24, 2023 | Costa Rica, Knowledge Base, Mexico, Panama, Spain | 0 comments

If you’ve decided to move to Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, or any other Hispanic country, you’ve probably realized learning Spanish is the right move. While a lot of people speak English, there’s no better way to blend in, get to know the culture and the people, and truly make this new place home than by learning the new language.     For native English speakers, Spanish can indeed present perplexing twists and turns. Yet, remember: every seasoned speaker once grappled with the beginner’s hurdles. With the right strategies, you can smoothly sail through the language learning journey.     Here are a few tips that will help you master it, given by Wagner Freer, founder of We Speak Spanish, your Spanish School.


  1. Hire a local Spanish teacher

While apps and online platforms are great, nothing beats the nuanced understanding of a local teacher. From dialect-specific phrases to colloquial slang, a local tutor will arm you with the real, street-smart Spanish that no textbook can offer. Plus, personalized lessons catered to your pace? That’s gold!


  1. Engage locally

Become an active participant in community events, festivals, or even just a local game of f√∫tbol. Dive into conversations, even if it’s just to ask for directions. You’ll be amazed at how such interactions refine your linguistic skills and give you a cultural deep-dive.     Don’t be shy, locals will certainly appreciate you taking the time to learn their language. Most people will even help you out if needed and they’re often kind and patient, so dive in!


  1. Read and watch TV in Spanish

Why not mix entertainment with education? Whether it’s binge-watching a Spanish TV series on Netflix, tapping your feet to regional music, or delving into the latest news or literature, immersing in Spanish media fast-tracks both your listening and reading proficiency.


  1. Be consistent and patient

Language mastery is an art, not a race. It requires time, dedication, and a whole lot of patience. Celebrate those moments when you haggle successfully at the market or understand a joke in Spanish. It’s these small wins that pave the way to fluency.


  1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

No one, absolutely no one, nails perfection in the first go. If you mispronounce a word or fumble a sentence, that’s okay! Such missteps are integral to the learning curve.     As you embark on this linguistic journey, always remember: each stumble, every challenge, is just another steppingstone to becoming a fluent Spanish speaker in your new home.speaker in your new home.

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We Speak Spanish: Five-Finger System

 Wagner Freer, from We Speak Spanish language school, created a system to help people learn Spanish, he calls it the five-finger system. Through these lessons students will be able to learn the basics of the language and begin to take the initial steps towards becoming fully fluent in it.


His system helps everyone with key points such as formulating complete phrases, learning how to correctly create sentences, and communicating effectively. Through his method, students don’t translate from English to Spanish. Instead, it’s designed so they think in Spanish.


To start off, Wager teaches one main structure using the hand:

Finger 1: when (time)

Finger 2: who (person)

Finger 3: verb one

Finger 4: verb two

Finger 5: the rest of what you want to say


So, for example, “today I want to eat pizza” would be said using the same structure in Spanish thanks to his method (hoy yo quiero comer pizza).


Join us!   The Expat Community and We Speak Spanish have partnered to host free Spanish lessons every Wednesday, click here to go to the classes: Facebook Event


⏰ Class Schedule in Different Time Zones:

🇨🇷 Costa Rica (GMT-6): 3:30 pm

🇵🇦 Panama (GMT-5): 4:30 pm

🇲🇽 Mexico (GMT-6): 3:30 pm

🇪🇸 Spain (GMT+2): 11:30 pm

🇵🇹 Portugal (GMT+1): 10:30 pm

🇳🇮 Nicaragua (GMT-6): 3:30 pm

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